Service area Millau-Larzac

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Service area Millau-Larzac

Horaires pour les fêtes de fin d'année :

24 décembre ouvert de 06h à 19h
25 décembre ouvert de 08h à 22h
31 décembre ouvert de 06h à 19h
1er janvier ouvert de 08h à 22h


During your lunchbreak on the Larzac, the Pain fendu proposes you its fresh sandwiches or its large choice of drinks. Traditional sandwiches with ham, cheese, Roquefort, paninis, wraps and salads, waffles, squeezed orange juice, pastries and cakes

Prices :

  • Traditional Breakfast Formul (5,95€) : Croissant/ Roll/ Butter/ Jam + Hot drink
  • Vitaminized Breakfast Formul (7,95€) : Croissant/ Roll/ Butter/ Jam + Hot drink + Squeezed orange juice (25cl)
  • Classic Menu (10,95€) : Cold sandwich + Dessert + Can 33cl
  • Extra Menu (11,95€) : SHot sandwich + Dessert + Can 33cl

La cure gourmande

La Cure Gourmande is a simple story that mixes in its philosophy : gluttony, pleasure, passion, emotion and wonder

Our emotional inlays are in the foreground. The pleasure of giving is the most concrete example. All productions are integrated and therefore the quality of the products is irreproachable. Every detail is important, to make your experience unique and friendly.

For more information, please visit the website.


During your stay at the Relais Millau-Larzac, discover the Léonie’s Shop. This place, rich of a history of its own, proposes you numerous products and other articles from Aveyron. Aubrac beers, pâté de campagne, sausage, Aligot de l'Aubrac, Bergers du Larzac cheeses and many other products are waiting for you in the shop !


Our cheese cellar contains the treasures of our pastoral heritage. From Roquefort to Saint-Nectaire, Le Marche de Léonie is the only store to offer a range of more than 16 different ROQUEFORT cheeses.

  • Gabriel Coulet
  • Roquefort Papillon
  • Roquefort Vernières
  • Roquefort Société
  • Roquefort Carles

Aubrac is present with the Cooperative Jeune Montagne with tomes of Laguiole, Ecir and of course Aligot d'Aubrac.

Larzac distinguishes itself with La Coopérative Fromagères des Bergers du Larzac around tomes and perails of exceptional ewes.

A set of small producers are also present to discover the typicalities of our territory.

Let yourself be guided by our team who will be able to advise you at best.


We have selected for you some of the best delicatessen of Aveyron :

  • Salaisons Linard
  • Charcuterie Roland Serin

Other specialities of sausages and sausages with Roquefort, local ham, and many other products to delight your taste buds.

charcuteries aveyron

Wine cellar

Our wine cellar is full of local and regional wines.

  • Domaine de la Cardabelle
  • Marcillac
  • Vin D’Estaing
  • Les Terrasses du Larzac

And to complete this beautiful selection, we also offer appetizers as surprising as delectable.

  • Le Pèlerin des Saveurs
  • Distillerie Laurens
  • Domaine de la Cardabelle
  • Aromatiques de Homs
  • Hypocras
  • Saint Hervé
  • Brasserie d’Olt
cave vins


If you like crafts, take these indispensable souvenirs with you.


  • Le Sac du Berger

Knives (each territory has its own knife)

  • Le Couteau du Larzac
  • Le Couteau de Laguiole
  • La Couteau de Sauveterre
  • Guillotine à saucisson


  • Boursier


  • Le Chatelard

Memories of the Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct is a must-see during your stay in Aveyron. A small souvenir is necessary : puzzle, placemat, postcard,...

sac du berger


Canned goods are our thing. The local is honored !

Pâtés :

  • Maison Papillon  
  • Roger Vidal  
  • Le Pélerin des Saveurs

Jams, honeys, aperitifs, oils :

  • Artisan du Fruit 
  • Huilerie Confiserie Coopérative de Clermont-L’hérault

Regional dishes :

  • Les Garibotes  
  • La Drosera Gourmande récompensée encore cette année Médaille d'Or au concours agricole de Paris 
  • Rue Traversette  
  • La Naucelloise  



Millau Larzac
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