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New: Restaurant Léonie Millau Come and discover the specialities of Aveyron

Restaurant Léonie Millau
Coufidou, Aligot, Farçous... You won't be at the table for long before it already smells like Aveyron at Léonie's!

Opened in December 2022 in Millau, come and enjoy a good time at the table of this restaurant named in honour of a wonderful grandmother, a native of Aveyron.
You will be amazed by the Aubrac Aligot, spun and served before your eyes!

It is the happiness of home-made food that warms the body and the heart. A family spirit, a welcome like at home. The promise of a moment. Léonie opens her kitchen to us...

Millau Larzac
To unite hoteliers, gîtes, residences and restaurants in the South Aveyron and the North Hérault.